Our Process

When virtual assistance is managed with real rigour,
you get a team member you can’t do without.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. An unsuccessful experience with a virtual assistant can feel like a liability instead of an asset. It can be awkward, culturally ill-fitting and ultimately unproductive. We exist to give you breathing space by taking tasks off your plate, not to add more responsibility. That’s why we’ve instilled a rigorous process to create a completely different VA experience.

So how do we do it? Glad you asked…

Launching you to new heights


Recruitment & Training

We look for people who have an innate attention to detail, excellent communication skills and English fluency. Importantly, we’re also looking for a positive, friendly energy and a proactive attitude. Once we’ve interviewed these candidates, we test them, before training them within our business as an intensive boot camp. Here, they’ll be observed, tested and coached for core competencies, cultural nuances and capabilities like how organised, autonomous and responsive they are, how they go about creating a procedure, and how they problem solve. 

These are the first steps in ensuring we have confidence that our assistants exceed industry standards and become a valued asset to your business.


Client Consultation

The first step in onboarding is meeting to understand the nature and scope of the tasks you wish to hand over. An Account Manager in Australia will sit down with you to make sure the tasks are outsourceable. We identify areas we can confidently help with and create a task list. We will also note the kind of relationship you would like with the assistant, and what success looks like to you. Crucially, we measure ourselves against our goal – whether our service will result in giving you back the breathing space you came to us for.


Task Capture

An on-boarding manager scrutinises the task list with you, noting all specific details, and ensuring there’s nothing left to interpretation. A video of the task capture step is watched by the assistant, who then creates a detailed procedure for each task- including all variables – based on the video. This then gets amended or approved by you, so we’re all on the same page. A shared platform is established so that all parties (you, the assistant, and SPACE) can manage the progress with full transparency.


Hands On Practice

For the first few days on the job, the assistant should receive simpler tasks, allowing them to establish protocols and ramp up. At this early point, SPACE will facilitate a feedback system so that a step-by-step process exists between you and the assistant, allowing both parties to become confident in one another.


Ongoing Management

Lastly, we will set up a structured ‘communication routine’ to ensure ongoing success. This helps establish a feedback system between you and the assistant via a management tool that reports on agreed KPIs. We find that this step is beneficial in making sure you’re always satisfied in the relationship and the service provided.


Enduring Feedback

We will set up regular consultations with the client and SPACE management team to make sure the deliverables are being met consistently and with a level of accuracy and tender loving care that would be exercised if the client did it themselves.