Give yourself space to breathe

Virtual Support staff that work in your business and provide the buffer for you to systemise, scale and grow your business.

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We make outsourcing work for business owners and their teams

You start a business because you’ve seen an opportunity in the market. At first its fun but as the work mounts up, you’re working harder and harder – suddenly business is not fun any more.

We’ve been there, we know how it feels. It’s what led us to create Space for ourselves and now in turn we create Space for others. Our aim is to relieve the stress and anxiety that business owners feel from carrying the weight of the business on their shoulders for themselves and their team.

Space lets you focus on activities that drive your business forward – client meetings, sales, marketing, projects, management, innovation. With your help, your dedicated virtual support takes care of the operational tasks that are necessary to your business but steal precious time away from your higher value activities.

At Space, our specific model is logical, easy to implement and helps you feel at ease with each step forward.

Replicate yourself


Spend more time working on your business, not in it


Relieve yourself of the constant stress and anxiety


Enjoy the important things in life, and stay in control of your workload

No man goes to the moon alone

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“An absolute game changer for my business”

I was working 70-80 hour weeks but the business was still not growing – I was busy but not necessarily productive. I had no time or energy to focus on growth strategies or hire key executives to expand beyond my current position.


Our proven process ensures your destination

Houston, we don’t have a problem.

When you journey into Space we ensure you meet the NASA team, not just the astronauts. Its important to understand the process behind the journey and not aim to reach the destination. After all, your dedicated virtual support is working for you but there is a whole team managing and supporting the process.


We’ve streamlined our workload, increased efficiencies and doubled our output with less hours. Best move we ever made in our business!
Kerry, The Advisory
Completely transformed how we do business and engage with our clients. Simply awesome!
Braith, BNI Melbourne

With Space’s help we changed our internal processes and Increased revenue by 125% – just taken on our second VA as a result.

Simon, Go Loans
Our VA saves us time, our processes and efficiencies have improved helping us get on top of my admin tasks, data entry and marketing. I love the fact that they create our processes as they learn our business.
Natalie, Daws Conveyancing

Teamwork makes the dream work

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