Lighten the load with a financial advisor VA

Our virtual assistants for financial advisors are trained to systemise and scale your business

Professional financial advisors, such as yourself, are often busy with many responsibilities – scheduling meetings, planning travel and expense reports and creating never-ending spreadsheets for your clients’ daily transactions. As mundane as these chores are, every financial advisor needs to do these for their business to grow. Unfortunately, they don’t always require your unique expertise, eating up precious time you could spend on more detailed tasks. 

SPACE offers a highly skilled team of personal assistants to financial advisors specifically trained to help you delegate those time-consuming jobs and scale your company. Now you can take back those countless hours spent on tedious errands and focus on what you do best – giving your clients sound financial guidance to reach their goals.

Virtual assistant services for financial advisors that focus on growing your business

Don’t spend another moment making endless phone calls, responding to never-ending emails, or signing your life away on piles of paperwork. Choose one of our financial advisor VAs to take on those laborious responsibilities and concentrate on the things that require your years of knowledge.

Reducing your workload by using an experienced, capable virtual assistant for financial advisors allows you to concentrate on your core strengths – managing your clients’ finances so that they can live the life they’ve always wanted. 

Our personal assistants for financial advisors have a wide array of skills, all designed to enhance your productivity

At SPACE, our team comprises of highly qualified virtual assistants for financial advisors, each equipped with a diverse skill set geared towards enhancing, elevating, and advancing your financial advisory business. Our virtual assistant services for financial advisors also include resource-intensive administration errands that don’t always need your expert eye – like inputting data into your CRM or ROA preparation.

Your new financial advisor VA can transcribe meeting notes and prepare documents for digital signatures. Or ask your financial advisor VA to take over any essential yet time-intensive projects – such as responding to client enquiries and managing inbound calls and emails.  

A personal assistant to a financial advisor can even manage your schedule, arrange meetings, and assist in keeping you organised to ensure no appointments are overlooked.  

How we match you with your ideal financial advisor VA 

When it comes to identifying the perfect financial advisor VA for you, we place great importance on understanding your needs, preferences, and overall effectiveness. That’s why we make a point to ask the right questions, ensuring we match you with a virtual assistant for a financial advisor who meets all your specifications. 

The initial consultation

We kick off the process by sitting down with you to learn more about your business. This entails a thorough exploration of your objectives, a deep dive into your workflow analysis, the identification of measurement tools, and pinpointing tasks that can be outsourced to support you in achieving your goals.  

Uncovering the right match   

We now start the search for the right personal assistant for a financial advisor for your company. We aim to find a diligent financial advisor VA who welcomes feedback, enjoys acquiring new skills, and is dedicated to helping you achieve your professional goals. We look for someone committed to your business for the long haul. 

Our smooth onboarding process 

Getting a virtual assistant for a financial advisor familiarised with your processes is our priority. Our specialised onboarding team handles the necessary work and ensures that your new financial advisor VA develops an easily accessible set of resources for you to refer to when necessary.   

So let’s work together. Book a meeting with our team, and let’s help you take back your time. 

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Discover how a virtual assistant can help manage your workload and create a breathing space for you so you can focus on things that drive your business forward.

On average, our clients increase productivity by 300%

Our clients have experienced growth between 50-250%

150 hours of breathing space gained per month

We work with business owners who need breathing space.

We facilitate a buffer for business owners to remove themselves from their everyday tasks, so they can focus on effectively growing and scaling their business.

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Our Virtual Assistants are highly-trainable and can take on tasks such as:

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Some of our happy clients

Some of the industries we service

No matter what industry you are in, you can trust us to provide you with a Virtual Assistant who will seamlessly integrate into your operations and contribute to your success.

Conveyancing & Legal

Delegate your administrative and other unfulfilling jobs with our Virtual Assistants that are committed for the long term and will grow alongside your conveyancing business. 

Mortgage Brokers

Work with virtual assistants that give you more time to focus on the things that need your expertise – like saving your clients thousands of dollars with the right home loan.

Real Estate

We can match you with the perfect real estate VA that can help oversee your CRM, manage your calendar, schedule your meetings, and keep you on track so you never miss an appointment.

Financial Advisors

Scale and grow your financial advisory business with Virtual Assistants that can take on tasks and time-consuming jobs that don’t require your financial expertise.

Marketing Agencies & Creatives

Outsource the tasks that take up your significant time and energy but don’t always demand your in-depth marketing expertise to our dedicated Virtual Assistants.

Insurance Brokers

Feel at ease entrusting your administrative responsibilities to a capable insurance broker Virtual Assistant who understands your needs and business requirements.


Hire an e-commerce Virtual Assistant with experience, skills and competence to handle your customer service, admin tasks, and ultimately ease the burden of running your store.

Professional Services

Let our Virtual Assistants handle your routine chores so you can concentrate on what really matters – using your expertise for the vital jobs only you, as a professional, can do.