Belle Property

Lauchlan Waterfield


When we met Lauchlan from Belle Property Armadale, we discovered that, like many others, he and his team were having a tough time navigating the uncertainty of a COVID-impacted world.

Maintaining a busy client list, while keeping staff health and safety at the forefront, was difficult enough. But when the agency lost a key team member, Lauchlan uncovered more challenges. It was becoming increasingly difficult to continue providing his clients with exceptional service and his staff with improved work-life balance.

His top problems were:

  • Large administration workload that increased with each new client
  • Team members needing to reduce client-facing time due to increased admin tasks
  • Staff and clients needing more flexibility due to COVID, including the ability to work outside of the office environment

Possible Solutions

Although he knew of other successful property managers using VAs, Lauchlan had yet to take the plunge into what he saw as uncharted waters.

To overcome his problems, Lauchlan’s original options were to:

  • Hire a new in-office staff member
  • Ask staff to increase working hours to cover the load
  • Hire temp workers more frequently when staff were unable to come to the office


In an environment that required more adaptability while still providing his clients with great service, Lauchlan knew none of these options were viable. His team was already working hard to reach their goals without adding extra behind-the-scenes work and hiring temps and in-office staff wouldn’t be worth the cost.

So, Lauchlan decided to talk to Basil from SPACE about hiring his first VA.


For Lauchlan, working with a VA offered more benefits than he ever anticipated.

  • His team were now free to focus on active profit-producing work
  • Clients benefited from more one-on-one time with his team
  • More seamless processes and procedures meant a huge increase to efficiency


Lauchlan was so pleased with the results offered by his SPACE Virtual Support that he now has multiple VAs working across marketing, administration, and assisting the sales and property management teams.