Case Studies

1836 Conveyancers

Since I've started using SPACE, I have more free time to spend doing things I love like playing golf and spending time with my family. I am now able to focus on growing my business.

Centra Money

After 12 months of having my VA onboard, I have been able to completely remove myself from the administration components of our business while spending much more time in front of my clients.

On The Message

I thought all my work involved subject matter expertise, but in a single meeting Space showed me just how much of it could be broken down into steps that could be completed by someone without a marketing or copywriting background.

Belle Property

Time is money, and the nitty-gritty admin previously took a lot of time away from higher value tasks. Our VAs from SPACE are an invaluable resource – we genuinely could not do without them.

BNI Adelaide

I was working 70-80 hour weeks but the business was still not growing – I was busy but not necessarily productive. I had no time or energy to focus on growth strategies or hire key executives to expand beyond my current position.

PSK Tax & Accounting

With increased industry red tape and compliance , work was taking longer and productivity was slowing. I needed to quickly stem the flow, keep the business growing and prevent my team from burning out.