On The Message

Enya Crockford

Challenge: Stuck in a Bottleneck

Enya runs On The Message – a copywriting and message strategy agency based in Adelaide, South Australia.

When we met Enya, she was experiencing a challenge familiar to many in the creative and marketing fields: she wanted to increase capacity and scale without compromising the quality of work her clients had come to expect.

“I had wanted to scale my business for a long time. I was leaving the office at 11pm most nights, and unable to take on the number of clients who wanted to work with me. I was faced with a never-ending pile of work, and I was at my wit’s end as to how I could get through it all.”

Enya realised there were two challenges standing in the way of her goal to scale and free up her time:

  • “The first was my time spent coordinating and managing clients – it took so much time and attention away from my creative work.”
  • “The second was having resources to actually take on more of the creative project work, without losing the quality. At that stage I had a couple of contractors taking on some of my easiest jobs, but had no idea how I could replicate myself in more complex projects. The quality and outcome is something I’m very protective of and would never dream of compromising on.”

An Unexpected Solution

As Enya’s work required specialist knowledge, she never imagined a VA would be the key to unlocking scalability.

It was only when one of her mentors suggested she speak to us that she realised the potential in a Space solution.

“I thought all my work involved subject matter expertise, but in a single meeting Space showed me just how much of it could be broken down into steps that could be completed by someone without a marketing or copywriting background.”

Starting Without The 'Ducks in a Row'

Enya thought she needed to systems and processes in place for her VA before commencing work with us. However, it was something she didn’t need to worry about – we would have her VA set up these processes for her.

“Space has a highly efficient method of capturing your processes, meaning the onboarding required minimal demand on my already squeezed time.”

Outcomes: Freedom, Growth and Scale

Having a Space VA gave Enya time and energy back in her day, allowing her to spend time working on her business rather in it.

“My VA is an amazing asset to my business and team. She is wonderful to work with, learns quickly, and has been integral to systemising our processes and taking work off my hands.”

And while having a VA solved her first challenge of time spent coordinating clients, it unexpectedly helped Enya with her second challenge of delegating creative work.

“Working with Space gave me a systems mindset to my entire business – enabling me to break down the creative process and better train my team. As a result, I’ve doubled the size of my writing team and our quality of work has only improved.”

“Beyond freeing me from working crazy hours, Space has enabled me to grow my business into what I have always dreamed of it being.”