1836 Conveyancers

Scott Petherick


When we first met with Scott from 1836 conveyancers, he and his team were bogged down in day to day tasks. Processing was down to a grind, turnaround time was ridiculously slow.

He was eager to grow his business and free up some time but his file application process was ineffective and slow.

His top four complaints were:

  • He and his team were bogged down with repetitive day to day tasks.
  • Processing was slow – there was almost always a backlog.
  • Staff moral was at an all time low.
  • He and his team had no time to focus on high value tasks to grow the business.

The Solution

Scott was originally very hesitant about hiring a Virtual Assistant. He’d heard some horror stories about VA’s not being able to speak English, delivering shoddy work and in simple terms, he just couldn’t imagine having a random VA work in his local conveyancing business.

His options were:

  • Try to hire another local staff member and hope they pick things up fast.
  • Ask his staff to increase their working hours.
  • Be content with the volume of files he was pushing through every month.

Well he didn’t have the time to train new staff, his team was not going to work any more than they already were and he wasn’t going to remain static.

Scott needed to try something different.

So he decided to talk to SPACE virtual support.


Within 3-6 months of working with SPACE virtual support Scott….

  • Freed up 80 hours per month of his and his team’s time.
  • Increased his staff’s productivity.
  • Sped up his application processing and workflow by 150%.
  • Increased his revenue by 30%.