PSK Tax & Accounting

Carmelina Zollo

The Problem

Carmelina is a Senior Partner in a busy accounting firm servicing Business and Property Investment clients.  Before finding Space, her team were just about handling their substantial workload but as the volume of work increased, she could see the strain it was putting on all of them.  The status quo had to change if they wanted the business to grow.

As more red tape and compliance was introduced to the industry, work was taking longer to action and productivity was slowing.

Carmelina needed options that could be actioned quickly to stem the flow, keep the business growing and prevent her team from burning out.

4 main problems

  • Constant volumes of work – no sign of it slowly down, only increasing
  • Increased red tape – meant longer to action files, slowing down the team’s output
  • Her current team were already overloaded, she really didn’t want to lose any of them
  • Couldn’t really find the right quality administration staff in the market

The Solution

Her options were …

  • Ask her team to work longer or extra hours.
  • Keep searching and waiting for the right quality staff to come along
  • Turn away new business and not grow her portfolio of clients


Carmelina had heard of Space through her network but felt outsourcing doesn’t work and that she’d never have the need for it in her business.  She reached out to a business owner who was utilising Space – they raved about the quality of their virtual staff and the amount of work they were ploughing through.

Carmelina was intrigued and met with Julian, a local Space representative – he explained their model of exploring her work, capturing and recording the tasks, designing detailed visual instructions and finally, having a team that managed the quality of work, as well as the engagement & relationship between her and the virtual assistant.

Carmelina was hesitant but inspired enough to take the plunge and journey into a new world – Space.

The Outcome

Space handled all of the recruitment & selection of her virtual assistant, which she loved – this in itself saved  her so much time.  She started with a part-time virtual assistant, introduced them to her team and got everyone on the same page from the start.   This ensured her team really got behind this new process and understood that the virtual assistant was for their benefit, to create Space for them within their workload.

Her team loved completing zoom video’s with the VA knowing that they had just offloaded certain tasks, freeing up their own time for more pressing matters.

Through this process they soon realised they could give so many more complex tasks to the VA – this led to Carmelina taking an additional full-time VA and growing a small virtual team specifically trained in the areas they needed them most.

When the firm had the opportunity to expand rapidly through acquiring another business Carmelina seized it with both hands knowing that she had the right team in place to handle the volume of work.

The virtual assistant team have allowed Carmelina and the in-house admin team more time to focus on higher value accounting tasks, offering more services for her clients.

Carmelina is so impressed with the quality of her virtual team she is now gearing them up to be able to handle client enquiries and questions over the phone.

By journeying into the unknown – she now knows Space works.